Whether your home is on the beach, or in a high-rise in the Big Apple, you’ll find yourself asking how fish can be this fresh in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. The answer: Our passion for great food, along with hard work and mind bending logistics.

Join us to experience the freshest seafood this side of the beach, and GET HOOKED!

$20.21 Specials


  • 1/2 Dozen Oysters $20.21
  • Sushi Sampler $20.21
  • $20.21 off the Whole Fish Experience

Whole Fish Experience which is priced at Market Price Per Pound ($65+) minus $20.21.  Please ask your server for details and pricing. 

The whole fish experience is something we have on our menu all year long and what our restaurant is known for.  The pricing on the fish varies by the type of fish and is quoted on a per pound basis.  Once, a fish is chosen, typically we prepare the fish half cooked and half raw.  The raw side will go to the sushi bar and the chefs will create various preparations such as sashimi, nigiri, rolls, ceviche, etc.  The number of preparations just depends on the size of the fish and how many people are enjoying it.  The other half of the fish is typically handed to the kitchen and they will prepare a couple of cooked preparations.  We often suggest the guest choose to prepare the fish Omakase, which means chef choice, but you are more than welcome to guide us in which preparations excite you the most.





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