Big Bear Bistro

Specials: Breakfast • Happy Hour • Lunch

Big Bear Bistro is located at the top of Bridge Street in the heart of Vail Village. We specialize in breakfast all day, and serve the best gourmet sandwiches you will find in the valley. In addition to these features, we offer soups, salads, crepes, après, specialty coffees, beer and wine.

Restaurant Specials

Breakfast, Lunch and Apres Specials  $20.17

All Day Breakfast (9am - 6pm) - 2 breakfast burritos smothered in pork green chili and 2 cups of coffee  $20.17

All Day Lunch (9am - 6pm) - 2 gourmet sandwiches, 2 bags chips and souvenir bistro
canvas bag to take with you for a picnic $20.17

All Day Après (9am - 6pm) - a bottle of hour wine and two crepes $20.17

Big Bear Bistro


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