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This Fall will kick off the fifth annual 2017 Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, September 29th – October 8th! With participating restaurants spanning across two neighboring World Class Mountain Resorts, Vail and Beaver Creek, this culinary celebration takes dining to new heights, literally! The ten day long event will feature a wide variety of prix fixe menus and specials all set at $20.17 and all showcasing the incredible and diverse culinary offerings available throughout the Vail and Beaver Creek Villages. To further enhance each guest’s dining experience, each bite will be perfectly paired with spectacular autumn views spread across the stunning mountain backdrops provided by Vail and Beaver Creek.

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The 2017 Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week dates have been set as September 29th - Sunday, October 8th 2017. The event will once again span throughout Vail and Beaver Creek Villages and feature a wide variety of prix fixe specials all set at $20.17.

On behalf of Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week we are pleased to say thank you to everyone who supported and participated in third annual event this past fall. The true success of our 2015 event is due to each and every restaurant and lodge for taking the time and effort to participate and to offer such incredible $20.15 specials. Without their willingness to try something new and to think outside the box with their offers, the ten day event wouldn’t have been nearly as alluring.

We hope to once again fill both Vail and Beaver Creek villages with such diverse and distinguished $20.17 specials this fall, stay tuned for information on participating locations, specials and more. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!


October 5th

On Thursday, October 5th 2017 during Vail Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, 10% of all restaurant sales were donated to the Vail Valley Foundation, a local non-profit organization dedicated to leadership in athletic, cultural, educational and community-based endeavors.

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